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In order to enable clients to develop definitions, standards and criteria that reflect and facilitate their product profiles and investment processes, SIRIS has developed a comprehensive and proprietary data access and retrieval system software platform, which is able to deliver screened compliant portfolios and corporate sustainability research profiles.

The platform, Profiling Sustainable Investment Metrics, 'PrSIM' is able to deliver a wide range of research outputs in an array of configurations, dependent upon client needs. The "front end" of this system has been designed to simplify the process of extracting variable research outcomes from a large database of sustainability data. Thus, clients are able to access a range of research processes linked to SIRIS' data.

Universes for screening can be constructed on any basis or sector, and on a single company basis. Each constructed universe can be screened for any combination of parameters. Thus, clients are able to develop customised universes and screens. Parameters can be weighted to enable rankings and ratings.

PrSIM is able to produce reports, formatted consistently, by the following:

  • Individual company
  • Security class
  • Sector (GICS or variant thereof)
  • Securities Exchange

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